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Tattoos are the most talked about in art and fashion these days. These kind of artwork is being used to represent a different kind of art and design using the body. The body is used to be as instrument to express and to show the love of art and fashion that a certain artist have. It is his way of showing his deep interpretation with arts that would commemorate to the deepest value of life when it comes to arts and design. According to Basoldon escort.

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Owning such a kind of a tattoo on a different parts of the body were seems to be as the coolest thing that a man can do with his body. The mere fact that not all people would love and like the idea of having such tattoos on their body but because the art and fashion connive and make such kind of inventions wherein some other kind of people love the way it is being placed in the body and how it will looks to be printed on skin.

Tattoos will always be on top when it comes to its design. These days it was being upgraded into something realistic and very real to look at with. Looking into were so real and it seems that it is really and real thing attached on skin but the reality it was just painted in there with the use of tattoo procedure.

Before tattoos is so hard to  delete with you need to undergo skin burning procedure wherein all you need to do is to burn your skin directly in order to delete the printed design on your skin. The tattoo will be erased but it is replaced with a scar in it. Due to the fast development of technology there were machines invented who could have all the power to erase the tattoo without pain and burning the skin. Though it takes a lot of procedure and sessions before it will be totally be deleted on skin but there were those spends for it for as long as they have experienced the having tattoo on their body.

I have this friend of mine who is a Basildon escorts and a fashion stylist of herself. She really love fashion at the same time she loves to be with Basildon as an escort. One thing that I admire her is that she owns sexy tattoos. I do really say it sexy for the tattoo’s location where on the sexiest part of her body. She had 3 tattoos the size is just a medium size and the designs were so cool which could really reflects her own personality. These three sexy tattoos were located on her navel. The other one is on her neck that when you look into it seems that it is really a real butterfly. And the last tattoo is located on her middle lower back and the design were to hot and sexy that even me would keep on telling her how sexy her tattoos are.

My Basildon escorts friend really love having sexy tattoos on her body. I do not if this her way of expressing her own definition of sexy. But she always telling me that her tattoos make her the sexiest woman on earth so I just go with it for I know deep in my heart that she really is so hot and sexy having those tattoos on her body.

There were times that others don’t understand of who she really she is because of the tattoos of her body. Her tattoos is most likely be seen publicly for she really intend to wear clothes that would show off the tattoos on her body. She is doing it almost every day for she wanted to tell to everyone that she has all what it got to be the sexiest woman on earth and no one could stop her from doing that. As her true and loyal friend I am just here to guide and support her in everything that she will engaged long as she is happy with it and I don’t see anything wrong for her in doing so then I will support her all the way.